Big Space Expansion

If you are bored of building a business on Earth, you can do business in space. In the Big Space Expansion game, you can expand your business beyond a single planet. Sit in a spaceship and go to one of the six planets, where you will be welcomed by green men. You will navigate between several interesting locations where new plants are opened. Each of the unique planets has its own currency and you have many opportunities for professional development. Ready to build an alien business?

Space Doge

The Space Doge doggie has always dreamed of becoming a space traveler, meeting newcomers, flying a UFO and discovering new planets. Now the dream of our hero has come true, and a friendly dog is sent to conquer space. He will have to discover many planets, meet funny green men, avoid collisions with cosmic bodies, collect stars and return to Earth as a hero!

Memory Puzzle

If you have passed The Tiny Farmer game several times and remember all the locations in detail, but you still want to have some little farming adventures, the Memory Puzzle application will allow gamers to immerse themselves in the fascinating world of farming again. Our hero farmer since the morning cannot find his animals – as if they have fallen through the ground. And he ordered a lot of new plants and fish for his farm and now the boxes take up all the free space. Or maybe these two events are somehow connected and the animals decided to play hide and seek? Turkeys, pigs, chickens, geese, bulls, cows, sheep, goats, ducks, and rabbits hid in boxes, and along with them, the forest guests are lurking somewhere  – wild boars and foxes. The farmer necessarily needs to find identical animals from the farm, and send wild animals back to the forest! Ready to play farm hide and seek?

Ganja Barn

Do you adore farm games and have already grown a lot of vegetables? But we bet Ganja Barn can surprise you because you haven’t played such a farm yet. Here you will find yourself in an abandoned colorful world, where trains no longer run, and a bright van is now located on the old rails. Few sofas and a couple of refrigerators located right on the open air…  An abandoned building and a “wonderful” shop greet the guests. But those who accidentally wandered into this place will not be able to buy carrots or onions, because non-standard goods are offered here. Local farmers grow cannabis and make marijuana out of it, and here you can stock up on hallucinogenic mushrooms also. Will you help farmers to grow some stuff for their “hallucinogenic” business?

Space Racer

Your research spacecraft was sent to another galaxy to get samples of cosmic dust. The alien study was successful, but the captain of the spacecraft lost control due to unknown emissions. A team of scientists from the game Space Racer found themselves in an alien cave, the path from which will lie through many obstacles. Avoid asteroids and alien traps and move through a mysterious tunnel towards the stars.

Mad Racer

Imagine that you are taking part in the rally and are currently crossing the desert in Mad Racer. In addition to cacti and endless sands, here you will find obstacles set by the organizers of the race to make this race more spectacular.  The catastrophic lack of gas complicates the situation. But there are also positive moments – an asphalt road has been laid here for you, and you can refuel without making a stop.  Press on the pedal to not get stuck in the desert!

Big Granny Racer

Virtual grandmothers do not hurry to sit at home, watch TV shows, bake cakes or knit scarves. The old lady from the Big Granny Racer game had just left the hairdresser, where she had dyed her hair pink. Now she is going to meet with her friends in the park. Even the alien invasion will not stop our heroine, not to say about the roadworks!

Zoo Blaster

Flames of celestial battles flare up on the horizon, but brave aviators send “iron” birds right into the middle of the fighting. Knights of the sky from the game Zoo Blaster confidently pilot military aircraft – a mix of airship and bomber. Once in enemy territory, you will fall into the real hell, where the sky is lit up with flashes of explosions. But brave warriors fearlessly face danger and firmly hold the steering wheel!