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“According to my wish, according to my wish”: games where magic creates reality

Do you want to control magic and “tame” magic power? In this collection you will find games that will plunge into the fantastic world of fantastic adventures. Good and evil magicians, magicians, shamans, wizards, witches and fairies are ready to show their skills in all its glory. You have to learn spells, brew potions and learn the tricks of magic. Ready to be a great magician?

Witch Time or Potions Championship

Two powerful clan shamans and witches constantly compete with each other. Everyone wants to prove that his magic is stronger. In the game RITUAL DUEL you have to play immediately for two characters - a red witch and a forest shaman. Our heroes not only make charms, but also make magic potions. Help the magicians to catch the right ingredients for the potion and do not let the extra flasks get into the pot. Championship on witchcraft and potions is declared open!
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Rune Lord

Imagine that you are a great magician who controls the power of the runes. To make the spells work, help the wizard connect the same runes, when merged, the power will be released. The atmosphere of the game MASTER OF RUNES will immerse you in a world of magic, where you will become the greatest sorcerer.
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Spirits of the Forest or Curse of the Sorcerer

In the puzzle game THE SORCERER you will meet a good magician. Our hero learned that an evil magician turned forest dwellers into magic balls. If you missed the game Zuma, here you will find similar gameplay. Do not let the balls hide in the hole, because there animals will not get out. Help the wizard to spell them by collecting chains of balls of the same color. Free all the captives and become a hero of forest legends!
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The lesson of magic and style

An owl had just knocked on the palace window with a message from the Academy of Magic. Princesses are taken to a magical educational institution and girls can not wait to meet with a mentor sooner to start classes. Help the heroines of the game PRINCESSES AT SCHOOL OF MAGIC to choose the right things that will fit their new status as students of the magic school. Make the image of each princess unique, mysterious and stylish by choosing magical accessories. And do not forget about the magic wand!
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