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As in a notebook: games that take you to a sheet of paper

Did you like to draw as a child in a school notebook? Or maybe you are still creating unique drawings on a piece of paper? This art not only mentally takes us into carefree times, but also helps to escape from everyday life and transfer to the world of fantasy and dreams. If you are inspired by drawings with a pen or pencils on a notebook sheet, we offer you a selection of fascinating browser games. In them you can not only enjoy simple, but at the same time extremely cute images on the background of plain paper in a cell or in a ruler, but also have a great time and feel the most interesting gameplay. So what, draw? .. Or rather, let’s play?

Paper racer

Not only guys like to draw cars. Just like playing races, it's not just a boy business. In this interesting fast arcade game, you can drive a funny drawn motorcycle that moves along the road. You will find many tracks, levels and locations. All this is decorated in a smart hand-drawn graphics, where the animated drawings in combination with the hurricane gameplay leave a pleasant aftertaste and a bombing impression of the game. It will seem to you that you are flipping through the album of the artist who created the images with colored pencils. In general, open the virtual notebook yourself and be surprised at the painted world of the game Paper racer.
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Paper snakes

This is the next variation of the famous cult snake in the notebook surroundings. This time, the main character will move through the sheet in a cell. Control the snake with the mouse, try to collect as many different squares as possible and try to avoid collision with other reptiles. In this game you will enjoy the simplicity and unobtrusiveness of the gameplay. If you want to play something simple but fun, choose Paper snakes.
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Brain for monster truck

Brain for monster truck - an interesting arcade about the adventures of a small typewriter on a notepad sheet makes you draw a little bit. You will create a road for the car, but your task is to ensure that it does not fall off a cliff and is able to reach the finish line. You must remember that the car carries a load. Drive carefully and slowly, otherwise you will lose it on the road and you will have to pass the level again. Also do not forget to collect stars on your way. This wonderful puzzle game is suitable for anyone who likes to think while relaxing.
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Love balls

Another puzzle in which you will independently draw different elements. But this time you have to connect two balls. What you will do to meet the main characters is your business. Draw different lines, hearts, holes. Connect the imagination, think through each step, determine the trajectory. Make the lovers reunite and never leave!
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