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Back to basics. Retro style games

Remember the adage that everything new is well forgotten old? Indeed, a very fair remark, especially if we consider the modern industry of computer games. Indeed, among the same browsers there are constantly clones and variations of old classic games that were released more than 20 or even 30 years ago. And older players have a keen sense of nostalgia at the sight of old-fashioned pixel graphics and retro-style with its unique features and color. So today we will talk about the best modern browser games that have managed to recreate the very classic retro style.

Lost in jungle

In this step-by-step retro strategy, you will take on the role of a wizard. lost in the jungle. You constantly strive to eat hungry jungle predators, so be alert. Destroy enemies, avoid large crowds and try to outwit them tactically, because in the forehead you are likely to be eaten quickly. The game resembles pumped chess, ideally flavored with retro graphics and the atmosphere of pixel games of the early 90s. In general, oldfagi check out.

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Retro-style interpretation of the classic Arkanoid game. Manage a moving platform, with which you need to beat the ball, destroying the multi-colored blocks at the top of the screen. Blocks are of different types and behave differently, but their destruction sometimes gives a variety of goodies and enhancements, such as a platform extended for a time, or an extra life. Become the best player in retro Arkanoid with Brickout.

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A variation on the Pacmana theme, in which you have to play as a little rat and collect cheese scattered around the levels. But be careful - several cats and other rodents who want to try some treats hunt for you at once. At first the game may seem simple, but as you progress, you have to solve more and more complex spatial tasks and run away from more and more numerous enemies. Overcome the difficulties and collect all the cheese in a dynamic, stylized retro-style arcade Pacrat.

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Brick Breaker Galaxy Defense

Another version of Arkanoid in your browser window. Hit the moving colored blocks with a charged ball and try to beat the projectile every time it reaches the bottom edge of the screen. Become the best defender of the Galaxy with BRICK BREAKER GALAXY DEFENSE!

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