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Boo!!! Mystical Horror, from which the cold on the skin

Who among you doesn’t like to tickle your nerves with assorted horror and mystical stories? The horror genre is unique in its repulsive attractiveness, it is frightening and causes a feeling of anxiety, but often you want to return to this fright again and again. After all, the atmosphere of the unknown and mysterious has always engendered a feeling of irresistible curiosity in people. And the stories about the terrible murders, rites and sacrifices further stir up interest in this genre. Proceed through dark and deadly levels, solve riddles and unravel the plot intricacies, knowing that at any moment you can fall victim to nightmarish monsters – this is real adrenaline, which among all computer games can only give horror. Well, are you ready? Creepy show begins!

Slenderman must die: silent streets

Remove children and impressionable from the screen! Kripovy Slenderman is back! The long-term hit about the Long man without a face is overgrown with new and new games. This time you will investigate the secrets of Slenderman on the streets of an abandoned city and in the Christmas forest. Sneak through the empty, lifeless streets, try to avoid the Long Man and his minions with all your might. Hide on the back streets, explore the secluded urban corners and find 8 fragments of the monster's history! After all, only knowing the terrible secret of the origin of Slenderman, you can kill him. It is in your power to make the hunter turn into a game and the curse of the Long Man finally leaves the long-suffering city.

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Silent insanity: PT

The ideological heir to the iconic Silent Hill is now in your browser, created by a fan for fans. Investigate the chilling story of a terrible family tragedy in a mansion isolated from the outside world. Explore the house in search of useful items, solve creepy puzzles and be careful, as often the things you need are well hidden from a curious gaze. And still go and look around, because Something is wandering on your heels, wishing to bury you in the house along with its secrets. Perhaps investigating the reasons for the origin of the horror in the mansion, you will finally remember your own past. Who are you? What are you doing in this terrible place? How to get out of here? These are just a few of the questions you need to answer ...

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