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“Boss-Moth” or “What child would not play”: games, little heroes of which will not let you get bored

Cute toddlers do not just play something, because the game becomes a part of their life. The heroes of the next games live in their own magical world, where toys come to life and miracles happen. Restless babes twenty-four hours a day ready for adventure. Little heroes strive for big victories and new discoveries! Keep them company?

The story of runaway toys

Little Emma from Princess Lost Toys loves superheroes and plays with them all the time. But her toys suddenly disappeared somewhere. Maybe superheroes went to save the city and now the toys themselves need help? So that our little heroine is not sad, help the girl explore the parks, shopping centers and streets of the city, where she played to find lost toys. Ready to become a "toy" detective and find the loss?
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Surprise game

The young princess fell under the enchanted rain of chocolate eggs in the game Surprise Eggs Princess Star. She managed to collect a whole basket of surprise eggs. Now she has to unwrap the package and open the box with a sinking heart to get the coveted surprise toy. In chocolate eggs, you can find great surprises in the form of fairies, sweets, magic characters, ponies, puppies, superheroes, carriages, ballerinas, alien monsters and precious stones. Want to unpack a mysterious gift?
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"Fashionable" walk

Cute tots from the game Kindergarten Dress Up just woke up after a sleepy hour in kindergarten. Now they need to get dressed for a walk. Dress the children in beautiful clothes and pick them interesting toys. Help the kids have fun!
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Grow big!

What if storks sent children by mail? In the game Idle Evolve you will receive parcels with tots, with which you will go all the way. From kids, heroes turn into teenagers and adults. Help your characters become professionals in one of the fields. They can be soldiers, DJs, skateboarders, wrestlers, scientists and programmers. And you can have a pet dog. Develop your characters and enjoy an exciting game with them!
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