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Catch the snowball! Winter Fun Games

Let’s remember together our own feelings at the sight of the first snow of the year. When the world is suddenly transformed into a beautiful winter fairy tale. However, it looks amazing and always lifts the mood for the whole day? Of course, when the snow on the street becomes more and more, the impressions are no longer so fresh and presented. But you can run out into the street and start enjoying the winter weather! Sledding and skiing, shooting snowballs, making a snowman is the main, but far from complete list of winter snow fun. And if you, reading this text, also wanted to play a little in the snow, you can try one of the games we offer. After all, they carry a piece of cheerful and fabulous winter mood!

Snowfight io

They wanted to play snowballs with friends, but wait a few more months for the snow? No problem! Indeed, the multiplayer top-down shooter Snowfight IO can be played all year round! Each of the heroes of the shootout has a small amount of health, and also knows how to throw snowballs. At the same time, if you hold up the mouse button, the snowball will grow into a huge snowball, capable of freezing an opponent with one shot. Shoot with other players, competing with them in accuracy, and do not forget to dodge the snowflakes! Otherwise, you risk turning into a funny but inanimate snowman. Snowfight IO is an excellent choice for those who want to occupy themselves with a non-tense dynamic multiplayer game for a couple of evenings, so we recommend!
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Captain snowball

Captain Snowball - another variation on the topic of multiplayer firefights with snowballs. The game has a slightly more measured gameplay and feels slower than its counterparts. Therefore, it is more suitable for children and adolescents. The objectives of the game are simple - to shoot an opponent with snowballs before he does it with you. So snowballs in hand and fight!
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Snow battle

Meet the royal battle in the style of snowballs with snowballs! An avalanche is coming to a small town, and you don’t have much time to play snowballs with your rivals. Explore the level, collect first-aid kits and upgrades for your snowflakes to throw enemies even faster. And remember - in the royal battle there should be only one!
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Snow ball warrior

The Snow Ball Warrior game tells the story of a brave Eskimo boy who protects his native settlement from the oncoming snow balls. How to break the balls before they destroy their igloo houses? Very simple - use a slingshot. A couple of well-aimed shots and the ball will turn into a pile of harmless snow. Sometimes a new building material for your igloo drops from the destroyed spheres. Exercise in accuracy and speed of reaction, and let your settlement survive!
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