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Christmas spirit or Cook a sleigh in the summer: the best New Year’s Eve games

Somewhere in Lapland, Santa Claus has already picked up a sleigh from a car service center and is preparing to deliver gifts to kids around the world. But the delivery of gifts is hampered by many obstacles. Ready to plunge into pre-holiday bustle with Santa?

Survive Christmas or Festive Puzzle

On Christmas Eve, Santa Claus should have time to deliver a gift to every kid on the planet. When this pleasant, but troublesome work is done, the magic hero will gather with the elves at the holiday table. And now the fabulous characters of the game Christmas Vehicles Jigsaw need to pack and deliver gifts. When the children are waiting for gifts, and the magic sleigh is broken, a truck, a train and even a motorcycle can become the transport for Santa. In the meantime, the main character of the holiday will deliver the gifts, the elves will surely repair the sleigh. Enjoy the Christmas adventure!
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The perfect gift for Christmas

As you know, the best gifts are created with their own hands. The game Gift Craft you have to help Santa, elves and deer to collect gifts for children, packed in beautiful boxes curly gingerbread, bright candy, Christmas decorations, Christmas socks, hats and mittens. Combine New Year's attributes and traditional delicacies to fill the festive box with Christmas mood.
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Santa's Sweet Dreams or the Winter's Tale in the Candy Realm

Santa Claus from the Christmas Santa Claus Rush game knows that “road is a spoon for dinner,” so for every child on Christmas Eve to get a surprise, you need to collect gifts in the summer. Santa is ready to run through the heat and blizzard, jump over precipices and overcome obstacles to get to the fairy kingdom of sweets. Here he will collect "sweet" gifts, ride on high-speed sleigh and meet face-to-face with dangerous enemies. The race for gifts begins!
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Christmas wish

Christmas and New Year holidays are coming up in the Christmas Gifts puzzle game. The magical time for holidays pleases little fidgets who are waiting for Santa and their gifts. In each house near the Christmas tree or above the fireplace hang traditional socks, which are hiding gifts. Help the magical character to become a real master of disguise, descending the chimney and leaving the children a piece of the holiday.
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