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"City of Thieves": the most fun games with the thief in a leading role

Trapping robbery, the hero of the series of games Bob The Robber does not forget to travel. A lover of easy money was once a law-abiding and decent citizen, but stepping on a slippery slope, he could not stop. Theft of valuables from vaults, robbery of houses, theft of another’s property and car theft became his daily occupation. To assign a virtual property to other people, our hero goes on a world tour. He is confident of success and does not in the least doubt his thieving abilities. Ready to go with him on business? Departing from the chase, do not forget to wave a police pen and a bag of money goodbye!

Lost Diamond

Once a professional robber, Bob cleaned out an old mansion, where he found a treasure map. Our hero goes to an ancient temple to find a unique diamond in the game Bob the Robber 5: Temple Adventure. Armed with a set of master keys, a penknife and a night vision device, the hero prepares for the task. In the tomb, Bob will have to face clever traps and boulders, solve puzzles, knock out mummies, soldiers, monsters, shamans or other adventurers to get the rarest artifact, rise to the surface with it and escape into the sunset.
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Robbery in french

Going to Paris, I want to feel the flavor of the romantic capital. Therefore, Bob from the game Bob the Robber 4 Season 1: France decides to visit museums, libraries, greenhouses, warehouses, mansions, supermarkets, restaurants, galleries, theaters and other colorful buildings, from where you can get out with a luggage of new knowledge, lots of impressions and an impressive bag of money . Known in the criminal world, a thief will penetrate into any premises, hack into all safes, turn off security systems and bypass patrolmen. The capital of France beckons a robber with lights of brilliant prospects!
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Scam in Russian or "Cards, money, two trunks"

Robber Bob can not live without the drive, which feels from the chases, shootings and breathing danger in the back. Today, the famous thief from the game Bob the Robber 4: Season 2 Russia goes to Russia to visit as many buildings as possible and empty the safes, saving them from bills and valuables. Complete the mission with a bag of money!
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