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Cut, paint and screw !!! Beauty Salon Games

Every girl knows firsthand how difficult it is to take care of yourself and constantly maintain an irresistible appearance. Fortunately for them now there are many beauty salons that work for the benefit of the fair sex. Given the popularity and prevalence of beauty salons, it is not surprising that there are many online mini-games on this subject. With the help of such games you can instantly go back to the elite beauty salon and from the inside learn about the features of his work. Playing mini-games about beauty centers, the player will be able to become a client of a refined salon, make his hair, manicure or makeup. Moreover, in such games you can turn into an employee of the salon and feel yourself as a personal beauty consultant.

Fantastic game Pony Pet Salon

Immerse yourself in the fabulous and colorful atmosphere will allow online mini game Pony Pet Salon. This is a game in which you have to become a personal beauty assistant for fabulous ponies. Work hard to make the characters like everything, and they recommended your salon to their friends. Wash colorful ponies and make them elegant styling, you will have professional tools and cosmetics at your disposal.
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Super Hero Make Up Salon

For women superheroes, their appearance has a special meaning, as they are always in the spotlight. Due to the large employment of super-women there is no time to do their own makeup on their own, so they turn to a beauty salon. In the online mini-game Super Hero Make Up Salon, you can try yourself as a personal make-up artist superheroine. Try to choose the most appropriate image for your character, because today dangerous battles and difficult challenges await her.
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Crazy mommy beauty salon

Home chores and child care are very tiring for modern young moms, so rest is very important to them. And what will help to relax better than caring for yourself? The online mini game Crazy Mommy Beauty Salon offers you to visit a prestigious beauty salon in the company of a cute but tired mom. Go through with it all the procedures, starting with a manicure and ending with the selection of clothes. With this online mini game, you are guaranteed to be able to relax and get a little distracted from everyday affairs.
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