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Doctor, I need your help! 4 interesting games about doctors

Well, how would we live if there were no doctors in our world? Surgeons, dentists, therapists, pediatricians, cardiologists and other doctors help us live a full life. After all, these specialists are not only able to determine what ailment we are ill, but also to cure from severe and not very diseases. If you want to try on a dressing gown, try playing browser treatment games. In them you have to do everything that is necessary for physicians: to measure the temperature, to make injections, prescribe medications and much more, however, all the actions of the doctor depend on his specialization. Want to try? Then put on a mask and go ahead – the patients are waiting!

Ear doctor

This is a game about an ear doctor who is obliged to cure his patient. Warning immediately, this game is not for squeamish, because in it you have to spend a lot of not very pleasant procedures. Clean the ear plugs, heal the wounds on the ears, get rid of warts and germs. X-ray your ear and find out what your eardrum looks like. In this game you are waiting for interesting puzzles and puzzles. Solve all the tasks and enjoy the exciting gameplay and graphics developed on the Unity engine.
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Become a dentist

Imagine that you are a skilled dentist playing the game Become A Dentist. You will need to cure all patients who have come to the appointment. Try to do it as quickly as possible, because the gameplay is limited by time, and if you do not have time to carry out all the procedures before the time runs out, you will have to pass the level again. What dental diseases will you face? This is tartar, caries, and gum disease ... Remove teeth that are not treatable and insert reliable implants. In general, make every patient leave you with a beautiful smile.
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Vanellope injured emergency

In this game you have to save the baby, who fell and was seriously injured. First of all, wipe her tears and wipe the dirt from the body. Next, drip eyes and proceed to treatment. You need to get all the glass out of the little arms and legs, cure bruises and bruises. Next you need to do an x-ray and determine where there is a fracture. Put plaster on those places and enjoy the smile on the face of an already healthy baby! This exciting game will appeal to all who love to care for their loved ones. Interesting gameplay, bright hand-drawn graphics and pleasant voice acting will give only pleasant emotions.
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Dotted girl resurrection emergency

Bring the beautiful Lady Bug back to life! During the regular clashes with the villains, the heroine received serious injuries and lost consciousness. She was brought to the hospital without a breath. Your task is to give Lady Bug first aid so that her heart will pound again. Use a defibrillator, plug in oxygen and massage your heart. Do this scheme until the heroine breathes and opens her eyes. But that's not all, because the girl should leave the hospital completely healthy. To do this, you have to put her a dropper, give medicine, listen to your heart. Only then will Lady Bug be able to return to brave exploits!
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