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"Down with the palace dress code!": Games where princesses choose unusual fashion

The princesses are tired of the rules of the palace and the traditional style of dress. Heroines of the next games want to plunge into the world of non-standard fashion, trying on the most unusual outfits. Let the lush ball gowns hang in the closet for now. Become a princess style consultant and guide to a world of unique trends?

Princess minion

Princesses from the game Princess or Minion love the reckless yellow men from the cartoon "Despicable Me." Girlfriends Anna, Snow White, Rapunzel and Ariel met with one of their idols and are now going to have a minion-style beach party. Help fans of funny characters to choose bright clothes among a large selection of clothes, accessories, jewelry and shoes. Let the “yellow” image of each girl be unique!
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Japanese weekend

Japan is a paradise for fashionistas. Girls from the Harajuku Princess game decide to spend the weekend getting to know the oriental culture. They discover a new trendy style that is a mixture of many Japanese sub-styles, including punk rock, Gothic and Sweet Lolita, Cosplay Cute and Fairy Kei. Harajuku fashion includes not only clothes, but also unusual hairstyles, shoes, accessories and other elements of the image. Help the princesses look gorgeous at the upcoming festival.
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Modern Mary Poppins

Inspired by the style of the famous fairy magician Mary Poppins, the heroines of the game Princess Poppins are going to pick out wonderful outfits for the theme party. Use a non-standard approach to choosing clothes, combining Victorian-style things with unusual accessories, fancy hats and elegant umbrellas. Hairstyle and makeup will make the image complete. Become the best style consultant for a party to be fabulous!
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Fashionable excursion into the past

In the palace of the kingdom of the game Victorian Royal Ball is scheduled a grand event. The Victorian Royal Ball will be here soon. Each princess wants to look perfect, so you have to find girls amazing outfits, luxurious accessories and elegant shoes. And the guys need to look elegant, choosing a stylish tuxedo, bow tie, shirt, shoes and a hat. There is very little time left before the event, so the stylist has a difficult but exciting job to do. Want to become a royal designer?
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