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East is a delicate matter. The most memorable games in the eastern surroundings

Who among us does not like to travel? Almost everyone likes this, especially when it comes to distant exotic countries such as Japan. Try gourmet oriental cuisine, admire the artsy architecture of cities and get acquainted with the quaint traditions that are not so similar to ours – what could be better? Indeed, travel is always enjoyable, provided you have time and money for it. But what to do when it is far to a vacation, and I managed to dig some money only for a barbecue in the nearby forest? That’s right – run browser games! Today we will tell about several interesting games in exotic Japanese surroundings.

3 Pandas in Japan

The adventures of three funny pandas continue! This time this cute adventure about the adventures of black and white bears will take you to Japan. Distribute roles, solve puzzles and acquaint your wards with the customs and way of life of this exotic country. Like the previous parts, 3 Pandas in Japan boasts the sweetest hand-drawn graphics and a lot of funny, fun situations that travel pandos get into. Thanks to a diverse and positive gameplay, the game is perfect for players of all ages.

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Sumo saga

Have you ever seen a jumping sumo player? And what about a sumo wrestler jumping on vertical surfaces and wading higher and higher? Truly, there is no limit to human capabilities, especially in browser games! Sumo Saga will tell you about one of these jumping sumo wrestlers, who will try to get as high as possible. Aim with the arrow on the screen and jump from a pillar to a pillar, showing perfect mastery of sumo jumping techniques. The farther up you can get, the faster the aiming arrow will move, and this significantly complicates the game.

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Sushi matching

Tired of traveling and hungry? Sushi Matching will whet your appetite. In this simple Bejeweled style game you will collect sushi kits to turn them into victory points. Rotate the cells of the field so that in one motion to collect as many delicious delicacies as possible. Sometimes you will come across improvements and points multipliers that will make the process of collecting sets even faster and more enjoyable. But do not hesitate for a long time on your actions, because time is strictly limited to the level. In general, Sushi Matching is a great game for mental relief after a hard day at work.

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Trip to Japan

Your heroine is a young attractive girl who wants to go on a journey to the shores of Japan. But she cannot choose the right clothes and accessories for her to look authentic and irresistible in Japanese traditional clothes. Dress up the heroine in dozens of different outfits, choose hair and jewelry, and form your own oriental style. Feel like a real Japanese stylist!

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