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Extreme games for risky speed lovers

Extreme sports for many years excite the minds of mankind. Some people are engaged in extreme sports to get new thrills, while others – to experience the fine line between life and death. However, not everyone is willing to risk their health for a minute feeling of adrenaline rush. Instead, you can try online games that can easily immerse you in an atmosphere of drive and courage.

Racing Formula 1 (Formula Racing)

Formula Racing game will allow you to become a participant of the most prestigious extreme competitions in the world. You have to go on the most difficult tracks in the world with a mass of sharp turns, which you need to fit in without slowing down. Do not forget that the car is rapidly speeding up, and to turn to the side you need only slightly twist the steering wheel. The slightest movement of the player is able to change the trajectory along which the car goes. The main task is to overtake all rivals and reach the finish line first. Stay focused to achieve the goal. Splash all your emotions playing this exciting game!

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Moto Extreme 3: Bike race (Moto x3m: Bike Race Game)


Moto x3m: Pool Party is considered to be one of the best games of its genre, it is pulling in from the first minutes so much that it is already impossible to break away. The action takes place on one of the tropical islands, among the riot of colors and breathtaking landscapes. They have just completed the construction of a new challenging motorcycle race track. You have to take part in races and try to go through to the end. The main character drives a motorcycle, and at the beginning, a special lift moves him to the start line. After that, simply press the start knob to start moving. There will be a lot of springboards and all kinds of buildings that need to be avoided without slowing down. Sometimes it will not be easy to do, and you will have to perform complex stunts. At the start, it may not work, but over time you will become a real extreme racer easily overcoming all obstacles!

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Extreme Bikers (Extreme Bikers)


The main character of the game is a young guy Jack, who is crazy about extreme sports. Especially he likes to ride on his sport bike. Today he received an invitation to a series of races to be held in various countries of the world, and your task is to help him to win them all! The organizers turned each track into a real obstacle course that can be overcome using jumps and elevations. The main thing is to keep the balance so that the motorcycle does not turn over because then you have to start the path over.

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