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Fear stories! Selection of horror games

Do you crave for new sensations and want to leave your own comfort zone? Do you lack adrenaline and exciting adventures? Then online mini-horror games are what you need right now. Immerse yourself in the virtual world infested with monsters and try to survive, passing the difficult tests. In online mini-horror games await you awesome locations, dangerous tests and incredible opponents. You consider yourself brave and resilient, then welcome to the online mini-horror games. Such games are guaranteed to excite your creation, provide an adrenaline rush and allow you to distract from the whole world around.

Portal Of Doom Undead Rising

Portal Of Doom Undead Rising, an online mini game, is a mind-stirring shooter in the style of fantastic horror. You will have to go to the space station that gave the distress signal. Be very careful, because at this station terrible experiments were carried out, and no one knows what monsters lurk in this terrible place. Arm yourself with powerful weapons and destroy all the monsters encountered on your way.
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Slenderman History WWII Faceless Horror

The terrible villain Slendermen hid documents about the experiments in his house. By all means you need to get them to prevent the end of the world. In the online mini-game Slenderman History WWII Faceless Horror, you can try your luck and penetrate into the estate of a terrible villain. Be careful, because his estate is teeming with evil zombies, which turned out in the process of experiments on soldiers.
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Silent Insanity PT Psychological Trauma

Are you a connoisseur of the acclaimed horror film Silent Hill and would like to plunge into the exciting world of your own fears? Then welcome to the online mini-game Silent Insanity PT Psychological Trauma. Have the courage, because you are waiting for the terrible locations and difficult tests. Can you cope with your fears and emerge victorious from a ghostly city filled with monsters?
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While We Sleep Slendrina Is Here

In a dream, people can experience a variety of events and emotions. Online mini game While We Sleep Slendrina Is Here invites you to immerse yourself in the exciting world of human nightmares. You have to confront a mystical monster and to win, you have to work hard. Are you ready to go to meet your fears? Then try the horror test right now.
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