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Feel like a pharaoh. Games in the entourage of ancient Egypt

Can you imagine that once a long time ago in our world there existed a country whose ruler was considered to be nothing more than a deity? And people sacrificed the river and worshiped the solar disk. All these facts are about an ancient and mysterious country called Egypt. Its inhabitants presented the world with many interesting and original things. That only is the hieroglyphic writing of the Egyptians, not to mention the majestic Sphinx and the pyramids of the tombs of the almighty pharaohs. Do you want to plunge into the atmosphere of mystical Egyptian mysteries and learn a little more about this long-disappeared but such an attractive country? Then choose a game from our list and go on exploring Ancient Egypt!

King of Pyramid Thieves

In King of Pyramid Thieves, you will try yourself as a robber of ancient Egyptian tombs and pyramids. Pass level by level, bypassing death traps and solving intricate puzzles. Indeed, at the end of the stage is always waiting for the treasure chest! Gradually, you will open all new levels and even zones with completely new traps, riddles and enemies. King of Pyramid Thieves is a wonderful and memorable platformer with nice 2D graphics and unobtrusive sound effects.
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Pyramid party

In this simple but gambling game, you will again try on the role of a thief who has been locked up in Pharaoh's treasury. Compete with the same thieves, collecting treasures for speed. But remember that there is very little time to collect, so you can not lose a second. Play Pyramid Party alone against the computer, or with friends up to 4 people and get a lot of positive from uncomplicated, but catchy gameplay. Especially well played with live players!
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Egypt Stone War

The game, vaguely reminiscent of the world famous Angry Birds, will tell you the story of the pharaoh who must protect his own kingdom. Only you and your faithful catapult stand in the way of the living mummies who want to break through to the living. Aptly destroy enemies and their catapults, collect improvements during the game and quickly reload your throwing machine! And remember - you need to kill all enemies before they start shooting at you. After all, a catapult is a powerful weapon, but very fragile - one unsuccessful hit, and you have to start the level from the beginning.
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Mahjong Pyramids

The megapopular Mahjong is now available in the entourage of ancient Egypt. Look for signs with paired symbols and uncover all the deeper levels with hieroglyphs. Mahjong Pyramids is a great game for those who want to get a slow, meditative gameplay and learn a little more about Egyptian writing, images and culture in general in the appendage.
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