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For those who crave more speed! Most Dynamic Runner Games

We all unconsciously enjoy the pleasure of driving at high speed. That’s the way the human body works. And once having experienced this feeling, we want to return to it again and again. But thanks to the progress today, we can quench our thirst for speed without leaving the computer. After all, there are games that are nowadays fashionable to call runners. This is, first of all, browser and mobile games, in which the main character does not stop for a second, runs at a run through the level and collects various nishtyaki. Each runner boasts a rich dynamic, but in this collection we collected for you the most powerful and hurricane runners that we could find. Well, ran?

Starship runner

Quite an unusual representative of the family of runners, because in the Starship Runner you will not run, but ... fly. Your spaceship got into a huge pipe, from which you need to get out, or at least fly as far as possible in search of a way out. Control your ship with the mouse and avoid hitting obstacles. The game is demanding of your reaction, and therefore hardcore enough, but this will not stop real fans of fast flight, right?

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Soldier rush

Dynamic 2D runner, in which you will command a small detachment of three army saboteurs running across the roofs of an enemy city. The complexity of the game increases gradually, but the dynamics are breathtaking from the very beginning. As it passes, it becomes just a sublight one. Rush over the roofs of skyscrapers, dodge the shots and missiles of a helicopter pursuing your team and bring your fighters closer to them only with one known target. Did one of you fall from the roof or was it blown up by a rocket? No problem! His comrades are ready to continue the mission. Thus, you will have three attempts to pass the level. Get as far as you can and beat your personal previous records!

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Skyscraper run

Also not the most common runner, where you have to run not along a horizontal surface, but along a vertical one. You will try on the role of a runner in the near future, where corporations own the world, and many-kilometer-high skyscrapers rise in the cities. It is on this skyscraper that our main character rises. Moving up, do not forget to dodge all sorts of obstacles and enemies. The latter can also be destroyed in a jump. The runner on the way will come across a variety of improvements that will greatly help in passing, so try to pick them up whenever possible. And let the reaction does not let you down!

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Space roll

An abstract runner-puzzle, with a ball in the role of the main character, which moves along cubic platforms with uneven and collapsed edges. The game is very skill-dependent and challenges even the most hardcore players. After all, the edges of the platforms are very narrow and the slightest mistake can turn into a loss of all progress and a rollback to the beginning. In general, if you want hardcore - you definitely in the Space Roll!

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