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Found? Click! 3 interesting games from the category of "Point and click"

Do you like to look for hidden objects, solve various puzzles and enjoy a beautiful picture? Then no doubt pay attention to the browser games of the genre “Point and click”. These bright, colorful and interesting entertainment will help you relax after a hard day, teach you to focus and develop your perseverance and patience. You can easily pick up the game on your favorite theme, with a beautiful entourage and design. Browser “Point and click” come in different levels of complexity, so everyone will find a task for themselves according to age and taste. We offer you a selection of the most exciting games in which you feel like a real explorer.

Abandoned forest house

This mysterious game will take you to an abandoned house in the forest, which hides a lot of secrets. Your task is to solve all the riddles and solve the main secret of the hut. To do this, you will wander through the rooms, look for various elements and objects, solve puzzles and open secret passages. In this game you are waiting for interesting puzzles and riddles. This game will please beautiful graphics, mystical music and spectacular surroundings. If you like to solve different tasks, to look for things invisible to the eye, be sure to try Abandoned forest house.
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Hidden object mysterious artifact

Help the treasure hunter find ancient artifacts. To do this, you need to properly study the picture and try to guess which objects are hidden in the depicted silhouettes. Look for arrows, jewelery, jugs full of gold, jewels, scrolls, ancient books and more. Earn hints, finding hidden keys, and use them to search for treasures. Your main task is to collect all the necessary items, because only in case of a complete victory you will be able to go to the next level and go in search of more complex artifacts. Try on the role of a real antiquary and take part in a real adventure!
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GTA hidden keys

In this game you will search for hidden keys on spectacular pictures with different images. In order to go to the next level, you must find all 5 keys. Keep in mind, the items are hidden in the most unexpected places and sometimes you need a lot of time to solve the cache. Enjoy funny pictures, develop attentiveness and have fun with Gta hidden keys!
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