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Funny penguin friends in mini games right on your browser

Very cute and funny penguins often become heroes of cartoons, jokes, comics and more. In a separate industry can be attributed online mini-games about penguins, because they are enormously popular. Such games allow you to get closer to these incredible birds. You can feed them, care for them, play and even go on adventures. In general, on our website you can find a wide variety of entertainment with penguins and enjoy the gameplay online.

Funny arcade game Pingu Friends

The funny penguin and his loyal friends set off in search of adventure in the online mini-game Pingu Friends. They decided to climb to the top of the mountain, but for this they need to work hard. Help merry friends reach the goal, for this jump on the oncoming platforms. Remember, the path is not easy and therefore after reaching the bonus egg, friends will change. Only working in a team, funny characters will be able to realize their plans.
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Penguin Fish Run collective game

In the online mini-game Penguin Fish Run, you will meet a whole family of chinstrap penguins. Merry little family decided to participate in exciting competitions. They will temporarily overcome an obstacle course and you need to help your character jump blocks in time. The advantage of this game is that it is designed for four players, so you can enjoy it with your friends. Remember, the winner in the competition is the one who jumps the most obstacles.
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Save the egg in the game Penguin Quest

Evil birds wanted to steal a caring penguin's egg, but he managed to scare away birds and they threw out an egg on the top of the mountain. Now the cheerful penguin needs to go home without breaking a valuable egg. In the online mini-game Penguin Quest, you can help a cute character safely reach his goal, while retaining his valuable cargo. On the way, do not forget to collect bonus coins, because they can be useful for you to move to a new level.
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Penguin vs Snowmen action game

Evil snowmen attacked the brave penguin's house, and he is trying to repel their attack alone. Can you help the Antarctic hero protect his house in the online Penguin vs Snowmen mini-game? Shoot the snowmen well before they get to the penguin. Do not forget to buy improvements, because with each level the snowmen become stronger and it will be difficult to repel their attack.
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