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Have fun with all the heart with funny monkeys! A selection of games about monkeys

It is probably difficult to imagine a more restless and cheerful animal than a monkey. These mischievous scamps constantly jump, play and eat bananas. Naturally, in the company of such animals you will not get bored, and you can see this by playing online mini-games with the participation of such characters. Online mini-games about monkeys are always very colorful, bright and exciting. Try to catch the naughty monkey, help her gather as many bananas as possible or go to her company in search of adventure. The world of online games is limitless and with their help you will be able to secure fascinating leisure in the company of naughty monkeys anytime and in any convenient place.

Shoot down bananas with Monkey Bubble Shooter

The naughty monkey went in search of ripe bananas in the online mini-game Monkey Bubble Shooter. Want to help her pick up a lot of goodies? Then start right now. Shoot the balls in which bananas are hidden, this will help to knock them down from the tree. Be careful, because the color of the projectile must match the color of the balls you are shooting at. Otherwise, you will not succeed in knocking down a banana.
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Jungle Party with Monkeys Ropes Party

Did you know that animals love parties and various competitions very much? Not? Then welcome to the online mini-game Monkeys Ropes Party. With this game you are transported to the jungle and attend a monkey party. To make the holiday more fun, the characters decided to arrange a competition, the essence of which lies in the high-speed raising along the vine. Help your character get to the top faster, but be careful, because the task is complicated by falling fruits from above.
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Halloween Monkey Jumper

A nimble little monkey decided to walk on Halloween night and collect a lot of sweets for herself. In the online mini-game Halloween Monkey Jumper, you can make her company and have a great time. Climb up the platforms, collecting various sweets and bonuses. Be careful not to fall down and not run into falling hazards.
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Are you ready for an unforgettable adventure in the company of a naughty monkey? Then welcome to the exciting online mini game AdventureIsland. Together with a funny character you have to go through a lot of levels. The main task is to collect as many bonus coins as possible. To collect coins you can jump high, run and even fly. Try to collect all the coins to set a new record level.
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