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"Hocus Pocus": games that invite you to the world of magical illusions

Would you like to try on the illusionist’s mantle, get a rabbit out of a hat-cylinder, make a bird out of a headscarf and delight the public with fantastic tricks? The following games will make you feel like a real magician and circus artist, masterfully performing unusual stunts. At all times, mankind was delighted with illusions, which was in the hand of clever masters of hoaxes. Someone admired them, and someone called the powerful wizards of those who could show discouraging action. The secrets of performing tricks were kept in the strictest confidence, but now you can discover them in the online world. Ready to repeat the success of David Copperfield or excel in skill? Delight, charm and amaze the public with incredible views, so that viewers believe in magic. Show a fascinating show and take a look behind the scenes of the world of magic!

"All the same at the arena" or Princess Circus

The princesses of the fairy-tale world Ariel, Elsa and Rapunzel decided to work as circus performers. Girls from the Princess in Circus Show game every day prepare an amazing show for the public that conquers the audience. Today, princesses are preparing for the next spectacular performance. But girls can not decide on stage costumes, because they think that they have already put on all the clothes from their wardrobe. Help circus performers to find spectacular outfits for the performance. Consider the specifics of the number of heroines. Thanks to you, the princesses will be ready to delight the public!
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Full House or Sticky View

Recently, a famous illusionist came to the city with a performance. He showed tricks with chewing gum. The audience liked the tricks so much that now they want to learn everything from hipsters, fashionistas and sumo wrestlers to basketball players and old women. In the game Bubblegum Tricks you have to hold a master class on inflating the chewing gum and turning it into giant bubbles. Ready for such a "sticky" adventure?
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Fluffy magician

What are the rabbits doing, waiting for them to get out of the hat? Of course, while away playing cards. The fluffy characters of the Magic Solitaire: World game live in a fairy forest and love to play card solitaires. Soon they will seem from the cylinder of an illusionist and will show tricks to the public. In the meantime, our eared heroes need a good training. Join the magic game!
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