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Immersion in the Western: the best games about the adventures of brave cowboys in the Wild West

A typical image of an American cowboy paints in his mind a portrait of a brave unshaven middle-aged man in a wide-brimmed hat, with a lasso and a revolver on his belt. He is dressed, of course, in jeans, a worn jacket, a plaid shirt and boots with spurs. While this character does his heroic work, builds a free country, or rests in the saloon, his faithful horse grazes somewhere nearby. This is exactly the picture that classic westerns offer the viewer. The images of the characters from the following games depart from the typical canon and allow you to take a fresh look at the world of the Wild West. Here, cowboys become more multi-faceted characters, whose interests extend beyond unplanned duels and mustang races on desert prairies. Ready to dive into the times of the “gold rush”, cacti, Indians, sheriffs, criminals, plunders, card games, cancan, and illogical fights?

Cowboy Showdown

Crime is rampant in the square world of the Wild West in the game Billy The Kid. Cowboy Billy and a gang of villains are terrorizing a town where there is no one to protect civilians. But you just took the position of sheriff and now everything will be different. The thugs are hiding in the saloon, the mine and in other shelters, from where they are trying to open fire on you, because they are used to rape in the city and are not going to be led by a representative of the law. The robbers took hostages captive, so a brave sheriff needs to train in accuracy and hurry to clear the city of thugs. Recharge your Colt!
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Robots in the Wild West

A cowboy from the game Cowboys vs Robots was going to rest in the saloon, missing a couple of whiskey and playing games of chance after a hard week of work. But the rest did not succeed. Suddenly, newcomers visited the city. An entire army of robots came out of their spacecraft who wanted to capture people for horrific experiments. Our hero managed to hide behind the bar to use it as a shelter. Do not let the evil robots come close to you. It’s good that a cowboy’s gun is always with him.
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Square Adventure in the Wild West

Kogama got to the Wild West. The hero of the game Kogama West Town decided to reincarnate as a cowboy, having read legends about brave characters. Now he put on a cowboy hat, got a revolver and is ready to fight crime.
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