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A selection of the best IO games that will absorb all your attention.

Yorg (

A space expedition has found a planet with incredibly many useful resources. However, it suddenly turned out that evil zombies who go out on the hunt at nightfall live here. You have to work all day to get as much resources as possible and build defenses. In addition, you need to install warheads and mine the approach to the base. Rather, start the game, and get to work, so that the evil dead could not harm your team.
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This game will send you to the time of the pirates, where you can get acquainted with Captain Grog. He is a notorious villain, and is engaged in robbery of merchant ships. Today he decided to rob other pirates, and went in search of a suitable vessel. As soon as they appear on the horizon, help the captain to open fire from cannons. Next, move to the deck of the enemy, and continue the fight with swords. Strike and dodge the attacks of rivals, so that the hero won, and become a little richer.
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Big (

This game will allow you to travel back to the world where everyone dreams of becoming a hero, and save cities from danger. At the beginning of your path, your character will have only a sword, with which he will walk through the locations and look for opponents. Collect items that will develop skills, and become stronger. As soon as an enemy appears on the horizon, launch an attack to gain experience. Also, do not forget to reflect the blows, because if the character dies, you will have to start the game again.
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