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"Labyrinths of sleep" or "Beyond reality": games where you have to get out of a confusing situation

Only the most courageous heroes are ready to find themselves in mysterious virtual labyrinths, where you can easily get lost and get lost in a mysterious corridor. The winding paths narrow and widen, revealing turns and traps. And players here can wait for hungry monsters. High worries, hedge and other options for confined space offer you to think logically moves. The exit will constantly elude, and you have to learn to navigate in space and find the light at the end of the tunnel. Ready to be in a “tangled” situation, which makes you wonder whether it is a dream or reality?

Some love, some magic, or "entangled" relationships

The brave prince finally reached the high tower, where the beautiful princess is imprisoned. But the hero of the game Prince Princess Kiss Quest did not take into account that moment that the princess might not be happy about an unexpected guest. Being trapped, the girl tests the prince, so banana peels, metal buckets and flower pots fall on his head. The prince has to climb a wall covered with ivy, dodging objects flying from the windows. Ready to quickly overcome the vertical maze to free the girl?
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Labyrinth for the square hero

Hero Kogama believes that he has already explored all the fantastic worlds. But in the game Kogama: Maze, he will become participants in the fights that take place in mysterious labyrinths. Choose the team to which you want to bring victory. Collect weapons based on your preferences and navigate through the portals that deliver to the maze. Search and attack the enemy, making accurate shots. Dodge the fire of your opponent using cover, and destroy the enemy with one shot.
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Card Maze

Yellow runner from the game Maze Runner 3d Cards Hunt is going to hunt cards, being in a 3D maze. The three-dimensional world will open to you an ancient labyrinth, where mystical artifacts that have taken the form of playing cards are safely hidden. Move through the corridors of the maze, finding all valuable items.
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Card hunt

Fast characters of the game Poke Mania 2 Maze Master are sent to the magic maze, where they will find the magic cards. Brave adventurers in the ancient catacombs, who are going to go through multi-level corridors, will become real heroes of the underworld.
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