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Large or tabletop? Online tennis games for true connoisseurs

Without exaggeration, tennis is called a noble sport, because it is played by presidents of many countries and even kings. All players are very graceful, and their movements have a special grace. Tennis can be divided into two categories – large and table. Each of these species is fascinating in its own way. However, not everyone has the opportunity to go to the court and enjoy the game in the fresh air. At such moments, online games come to the rescue, which can be played with a virtual opponent, or invite a friend, which will make the competition more exciting. You can choose a classic look, or have fun with the characters of your favorite cartoons.

Stickman tennis

The game Stickman tennis takes us into the wonderful world of stickmen. The main character wants to become a real star, so he will be glad to any help. Masterly possession of a racket is the main thing in this game. The main task is to quickly reflect the attacks of the enemy. Do not allow the ball to fly past, otherwise the opponent will get an extra point. Make every effort to earn the maximum number of points. Be careful, because each pass brings a defeat.
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Tennis ball (Tennis ball)

On the screen there is a tennis court, divided by a net. As soon as the whistle sounds on your side, balls start flying. The task is to substitute the racket under the balls and discourage them on the other side, thereby earning points. Having collected a certain amount of points you can go to the next level. Looks pretty easy, right? However, do not relax, because with every minute the speed of movement of the balls increases, and it becomes quite difficult to reflect them.
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Real Tennis (Real tennis)

You have the honor to participate in the most prestigious tennis tournament at Wimbledon. The game starts from zero score, the one who wins the service gets 15 points to his account, the next hit is 30, and so on. Having won 6 times you become the winner of the set. Each match consists of three sets. On the left side of the screen is a scale that shows the force of impact. Stay focused to win and become a champion!
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