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"May the force be with you": games in which you will gain a magical gift and become a magician warrior

Powerful magicians are able to destroy armies of their opponents with one stroke of a staff or a magic wand. For many centuries priests, warlocks, and shamans have been studying occult sciences in order to gain powerful powers as an ally. They use witchcraft protective spells and various potions, summon mythical creatures, try on combat magic and use enchantments to fight the forces of evil. In the next fantasy games you will feel like a real wizard. Do wonders with your own hands!

"Divine" adventure: The Keeper of time and the Lord of the Elements

The forces of the elements are able to create magic, combining into a unique magic mix. God from the game DOODLE GOD FANTASY WORLD OF MAGIC created a magical planet and allowed its inhabitants to touch magic in order to create their own destiny. You have to combine the forces of fire, earth, water, air and emptiness to get a new energy of life. Match different elements with the help of magic to get new forms of life, objects, emotions, knowledge, spiritual blessings and everything that surrounds a person on the planet. And yet, here you can complete additional quests and find artifacts. Do you want to populate the world with gnomes, elves, sorcerers and unicorns by simple combinations? Experiment and become a powerful sorcerer!
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Warrior of Light or Brave Heart

Do you want to travel back to a world where magic schools exist, and each of the young wizards has a certain gift? The heroine of the game MAGICAL GIRL SAVE THE SCHOOL owns the magic of fire. Today, she will become a duty mage to keep order at the Academy of Magic. But suddenly an army of robots led by their leader appeared on the horizon. This aggressive schoolgirl of another school decided to destroy your academy. The young magician will make every effort to stop them. Our heroine is able to control the elements, knows useful spells and uses combat magic, throwing fireballs. She helps students of the Academy of Magic. Create magic, throw robots with textbooks and save your school!
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Bar "Abracadabra"

Imagine that you decide to open a magic bar in a fabulous country. Heroes of fairy tales lined up, because you are offered a non-standard menu. In the game MAGIC BAR you play the role of a bartender, who will please every visitor. Vampires, princesses, sorcerers, zombies and witches are among your clients. Even Harry Potter and the Wizard of Oz have become habitues of a cozy place. Provide visitors with magical service!
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