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“Medal of Honor”: games about brave heroes who deserve an award for courage

Brave paratroopers, pilots, scouts, sailors, tankers and infantrymen are ready to unconditionally follow the orders of the commander and go on the battlefield to fight for peace. Becoming a fearless virtual warrior and taking part in online battles, soldiers hone their skills and level of military training. They will cope with the aggressor, showing courage and fearlessness. Brave soldiers are ready to fight on land, in space, under water and in the air. Become the commander in chief of the army to fight an enemy squad, alien enemies or monsters. Brilliantly performing combat operations, the heroes make a military career and save the world for the umpteenth time.

Brutal training

The Vikings cannot live without battles, but the warlike people know what to do when they are not at war with their neighbors. These brutal guys constantly train to improve their skills and not lose the skills of a soldier. In the game Viking Workout you will be taken to the training of formidable warriors. The broad-shouldered Vikings may seem cumbersome, but their strength easily compensates for this moment. But the clumsy look of the soldiers will be just a disguise, misleading the enemy. When circumstances so require, these heroes become quick and agile. To prove military suitability and take part in the next military campaign, our hero will take part in competitions in ax throwing. Enemies will not wait motionlessly until you throw an ax, so training is as close as possible to real combat. Hit all the moving round targets, overcoming obstacles, and earn a trip to the military campaign for your hero.
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Bravery and the honor of a warrior shadow

Having mastered the skills of a ninja in the Shaolin Kung Fu school, the brutal hero of Kung Fu Fighting returned to his native metropolis and intends to restore order in the streets of the city, fighting crime. Brave hero is ready to participate in street battles, using the skills of karate and kung fu. Criminals, watch out!
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"All the King's Men" or Adrenaline Adventure

What only places did not attend the restless hero Kogama. In the game Kogama Temple Of Doom, a brave character goes to the ancient Temple of Doom to find the legendary lost artifact. And with him he will grab an army of comrades and opponents. A weapon that shoots square cartridges, a huge sword or a bazooka will most intelligibly "explain" to the enemy that you intend to bypass them. Real adventures are waiting for you!
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