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"Milota, and only": "fluffy" games, where the cats have been waiting for you

Since ancient times, mystical abilities have been attributed to cats, and in some nations these charming Fuzzies were even deified and considered sacred animals. Today, purring pets have become the favorites of many people, and virtual cats are ready to play with their master at any time. You definitely won’t be allergic to these pets. They take care of themselves, catch mice, go on trips and even give birth to families. Fluffy friends with character can be affectionate, curled up in your lap, and the next minute the “predatory” hunter will already leave a couple of scratches on his prey. Ready to spend time in the company of your favorite virtual fluffy?

Purring mood

Clara came to the pet store for a parrot, and returned home with a fluffy ball. Her little cat was not accustomed to life in the house and was lost in the garden, being in the bushes with burdock. Clara hears a plaintive meowing among the thickets. Help Kitty Care and Grooming, the heroine of the game, find a fluffy pet in the yard, cure the poor thing, bring cleanliness to his fur and dress his pet in a nice outfit. Now, happy prankish kitten is ready to play with the mistress again!
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Cat holidays

Kitty's Angela kitty from the game Kitty Beach Makeup, contrary to stereotypes, loves swimming and sunbathing. Fluffy heroine is going to the beach and wants to look great. She has already chosen a beautiful bathing suit, and you have to spend relaxing spa treatments using beauty masks and other means. Experiment with makeup and create a unique look to turn Angela into a beach-style icon.
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Mother cat and baby kitten

Kitty will be a mom soon, but she is worried about her baby and wants to make sure that the kitten is all right. In the game Kitty Pregnant Checkup, you have to become a personal doctor, conduct an examination using professional tools and ensure that the future mom takes vitamins, listens to good music and is in a great mood while waiting for the child. An ultrasound scan will show how your baby is doing, and the doctor's prescriptions will help Kitty happily wait for a wonderful event.
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