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Purrrrrrr… Meow … Games about the cutest cats

Who is sweeter and furier than anyone in the world? Who pleases us with his tender purrs and amusing pampering? Who lives near the person, but at the same time occupies the main place in the house? Of course the cat. Without these gentle little animals, we would be so bored and lonely. So let’s play browser games, where these gentle, and at the same time, wayward creatures are the main characters. In them we can enjoy the cat’s grace, fervor and amusement. Well, are you ready to go to a world ruled by cats? Then watch our selection of the most colorful games.

Flappy super kitty

This dynamic arcade will remind you of the famous Flappy bird. But this time you will control a cat that is trying to travel in intergalactic space. Whether she succeeds is only up to you. Try to get around all the pillars that appear in the way, although it is not easy at all. Practice your skills by playing this game again and again, and perhaps in time you will be able to go through all the difficulties. This crazy game in a fashionable pixel design and with a memorable plot will not leave you indifferent.
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Playful kitty game

An amazing puzzle about the adventures of a fluffy cat will make you a little pre-stretch. In it you have to deliver a ball with threads to your red pet. To do this, break the concrete blocks and move the wooden partitions. Try to collect as many bonuses as possible on your way. Do not let the cat get bored, and as soon as possible take him with your favorite toy!
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Pregnant Kitty Spa

This is a game for real girls. It is necessary to care for a pregnant cat. Go with the main character to the Spa, where she is waiting for a lot of pleasant procedures. While taking a bath, add fragrant herbs and various care products to the water, wash the cat's head, put wool and apply a healing mask on the stomach. Next, make a cat make-up and pick out the outfit. Enjoy beautiful graphics and unobtrusive gameplay and let your kitty be the most charming on this planet!
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Little cat doctor

Poor little cats are sick! It is urgent to cure them. Turn into a real veterinarian and help all patients: someone needs to cure his throat, someone has sore ears, someone has come all in abrasions, and some people need to get rid of parasites. Use different medical instruments, prepare medicines, make injections - do everything so that each kitten comes out completely healthy from you!
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