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"Nine Lives" or "Once upon a time there was a cat": games about the lives of cats in the "furry" world

Even if the cat didn’t let you sleep all night trying to catch imaginary mice, he added designer touches to the apartment’s interior, left marks on the curtains and wallpaper, or tried to arrange fishing in an aquarium. . But the seals from the following games are not interested in hunting for mice and scratching furniture, because they live a full life in their virtual space. Launch one of the following games and dive into the “fluffy” world!

She said: "Meow"

Kitty replied: "Yes," at the proposal of the hand and heart. Now she is a happy bride who is preparing for one of the most important days in her life. All friends and relatives of the couple in love are invited to the wedding and our furry heroine wants to look brilliant on her wedding day. In the game Marry Me Kitty you have to assume the role of a wedding stylist, picking up a bride a luxurious dress, elegant accessories and beautiful shoes. For a dream wedding to be great, you need to decorate the wedding ceremony venue. Kitty always dreamed of getting married in the garden, so you need to choose the best design elements. Ready to take the pleasant chores?
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Cat Wedding Party or Sounds of Wedding March for Kitty

Another wedding party is planned in the feline world of the game Ben and Kitty Love Story. Ben made an offer to his girlfriend Kitty, and they have already appointed the wedding day. Soon the sounds of the march of Mendelssohn will sound, and the happy bride will pass in a luxurious dress along the rose petal path. But in order for the solemn event to go flawlessly, it is necessary to properly prepare for it. Help the bride choose the perfect wedding dress, gorgeous shoes and a beautiful floral bouquet. And the groom will have to dress up in an elegant suit, status shoes and a bow tie. Thanks to you, Kitty and Ben are ready for a happy day!
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A cozy world for a kitten or a room for baby cat

Angela and Tom from the game Preganat Kitty Room Decor are awaiting the birth of their first child. Young parents are confused, because they can not decide on the design of the room for a kitten. Help our heroes amazingly decorate the children's room by choosing wallpaper, furniture, toys and various necessary accessories. A cozy house for the baby is ready!
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