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"Not caught – not a thief" or "Magnificent scam": games in which you have to rotate a century robbery

Everyone lie down on the floor, it’s a robbery! It is with these words that most robbers try to profit from someone else’s wealth. But Bob from the Bob The Robber series of games has his own, relatively honest, methods of robbery. In fact, only Bob considers such methods of weaning values and money to be honest, and the police have a different opinion on this matter. He robs houses, casinos and banks, professionally opens safes and always gets off the water. In a high-quality robbery, a properly built action strategy is important, because the objects that our hero has coveted for are well guarded. Will you help Bob come up with incredible plans to penetrate money storage facilities?

"Plan of robbery" or "How to steal a million"

Bob is not the most successful robber, especially if one considers his inability to become invisible during the penetration into the repositories with valuables. From a young age, Bob mastered the profession of a robber, and now he has several years of practice in this difficult task. Our hero prefers to act without partners, so that there is less noise, but today he needs your help. The robber drew up a clear robbery plan for tonight. To begin with, the poor thief needs to get out of the police station where he got the day before. When Bob is free, he will have to enter the casino, the bank branch and the house to the head of these institutions. The benefit of all this is on the same street. To get away with decent booty, the hero of the game Bob The Robber will have to pass by police officers, security guards, security guards, robots and Dobermans. He will de-energize the alarm in time, open all safes and find the keys to all the doors. The police station is too close, and you don't want to go to jail and be sentenced to prison. Therefore, in order not to go away from the chase, the robber will have to draw up a strategy of robbery and remember that there will be no room for error.
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"Grab and run" or "Reckless robbery"

Bob is a robber by vocation, and theft is art to him. A cunning thief, trained in the intricacies of a thief case, is sent to rob proven places. However, our hero does not yet know that not only the orders of the order, but also zombies are hunting him. The character of the game Bob The Robber 2 will penetrate into buildings, pick locks, avoid cameras and eliminate guards. The gangster cannot be allowed an oversight, after all behind the coded lock it is waited by a worthy reward!
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"Code of the Thief"

Today, robber Bob decided to temporarily flop over to the "bright side." Teaming up with good guys, he will fight an international conspiracy when the methods of justice are powerless. The hero of the game Bob The Robber 3 is to become Robin Hood of the underworld. Bob received an alarming letter from his informants. Now he will fight with scientists who are developing a deadly weapon in a secret underground laboratory. Having got into the multi-level bunker, he will steal the necessary documents and prevent the villainous plans of the mafia clan!
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