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Numbers rule the world. Best Math Puzzles

In order to be well versed in numbers, it is not necessary to be a mathematician. If you like numerology, if you like addition and subtraction, you are interested in tricky tasks, try to play browser games in which numbers are assigned the main role. In such simple and complex puzzles you have to perform various tasks that require perseverance, attentiveness and logical approach. These games help to easily pass the evening or the other, because solving a new puzzle, you will not notice how time has run. We have prepared for you a selection of the most exciting games about numbers. Play, count, reflect, have fun!


2048 has won the hearts of players for several years in a row! By running this browser, you will see a 4x4 table with two twos in front of you. Your task is to summarize these numbers. Then again the two will appear, and by moving it - another one. Add the numbers until the long-awaited number 2048 appears in the display. Move the numbers around the table, but remember, if you fill in all the cells, the game will end. Develop your own scheme, think logically and do not miss possible moves. Despite the complexity of the game, it will bring only positive emotions and help you to relax from hard work.
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Laps fuse

A fascinating multiplier of numbers in which you need to add numbers. The game is complicated by the fact that the task must be performed in a spinning circle. You have to lay out number by number, gradually filling the cell. If you add 3 identical numbers side by side, they are added together. Remember, a certain number of laps is allocated to the game, but you can extend the time if you make the right moves. Try to score as many points as possible and hold out for as long as possible. Set your own records and have fun playing Laps fuse!
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This is a game that will help develop logical thinking. In it, you will see a table filled with different numbers. You have to arrange the numbers so that horizontally and vertically their sum was equal to a specified number. Leave only those numbers that seem to you really necessary, and take the extra ones. In this game you will be able to choose the level of difficulty and test your thinking. Anyone who likes good logic puzzles, we highly recommend!
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Remember the numbers

A fun game that develops good memory. In it, you will have to memorize the arrangement of numbers in order and reproduce what they see. In each subsequent level, the number of digits increases and they are arranged more chaotically than in the previous one. Try to complete the task without a single error, otherwise you will lose. Play this game with family and friends and let it bring you not only pleasure, but also benefit.
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