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Online games in which you will be the owner of a beauty salon

If you want to learn how to properly care for your hair, then online beauty salon games are sure to please you. There are always many visitors, because it is popular among all the heroines of cartoons, mermaids and dolls. Rather, choose a shampoo and hair balm, and get to work. You have to do holiday styling for trips to dates and special events. Remember that the right hairstyle can work wonders, and can change a person beyond recognition. Colorful graphics and light music will appeal to players of any gender and age. The choice of games is large enough, so rather choose the fun to your liking, and go to the world of elegant and stylish hairstyles!

Princess: New Haircut (Princess New Look Haircut)

Jane works as a hairdresser in one of the best beauty salons in the city. She makes hairstyles for many princesses, and you will help her in this. A princess sitting in a chair will appear on the screen. First, wash her head using different jars, and then dry it with a hairdryer. Use special products to add shine to hair. After that, arm with scissors, and proceed to the haircut. At the end, do the styling, and spray the hair with lacquer. Follow the instructions on the screen to make it work, and the princess is pleased with your work.

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Hair and Makeup Studio Harley Quinn Hair and Makeup Studio

Harley Quinn opened her beauty salon, and many girls wanted to become his clients. The work turned out to be too much, so your help will be useful. One of the girls will sit in front of you in the chair. Various styling products and cosmetics are laid out on the table in front of her. Take scissors to make a haircut, and then apply hair with varnish. Next, proceed to skin care and makeup. Do everything to make the girl happy, and came to the salon more than once.

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Princess Bridal Hairstyle Wedding Hairstyle

Wedding is the most important stage in the life of every girl. On this day, you need to look perfect, so you should take care of the dress, makeup and hairstyle in advance. In this game you will work in a salon that specializes in bridal styles. The girl's hair will be visible on the screen, and with the help of special tools you need to make a haircut. After that, give them shine and decorate using various accessories. Make every effort to make the client happy with your work.

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