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Online games that test your entrepreneur skills

Online cafe games provide a unique opportunity to test your entrepreneurial abilities, and open a small business. You will start with only the minimum capital, so learn the main principles of the game, and learn how to make money. You can become the manager of a cafe, restaurant or diner. There are many options, but the principle is based on fast and high-quality customer service. Try to do everything quickly, remember all the wishes of the client, so as not to confuse the order, and as a reward get a tip. Mostly you will be able to manage everything alone, but some provide helpers that appear when there is too much customer traffic. The choice of games about cafes is so great that it will be quite difficult to decide. Colorful graphics and wonderful music give the game a special atmosphere.

Cute Forest Tavern

The main character of this game decided to open a small cafe in the forest to sell ice cream and sweets to animals. Customers start coming in the morning, so your help will be useful. Help the girl to carry out orders, and give the animals their glasses with desserts. Be careful, and take into account all the desires of customers, because if you make a mistake at least once, the game will end. Make sure that the animals leave happy and happy, because then they can leave a tip. Score a certain amount of points to complete the level.

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Pizza Cafe

Walking in the fresh air is very useful, but after them you really want to eat. It's great that along the way you can find a small pizzeria. In this game you will work in a similar institution, and serve visitors. Get started as soon as the customer places an order. Roll out the dough, and lay out the necessary ingredients on it, then send the pizza to the oven. Try to do everything as quickly as possible so that customers are happy and leave a tip.

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Beach Restaurant (Beach Restaurant)

On the coast, a new restaurant has recently opened. You will work in it as a chef, and prepare a variety of dishes and drinks. The customer will place an order that needs to be completed using a specific set of ingredients. Follow the instructions on the screen to do everything quickly and efficiently. After that, give the dish to the customer and get the money. Prepare a certain number of dishes to earn points that can be spent on the purchase of improvements for the kitchen.

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