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“Perfect robbery at any cost” or “In the footsteps of Bonnie and Clyde”: games where you have to be on the other side

The heroes of the following games are absolutely convinced that virtual robbery is fun. Whistling bullets over their heads will not stop them on the way to their cherished goal – someone else’s safe, a thick wallet or a vault with jewels. Chases and shootouts just add adrenaline to professional robbers. Having drawn up an action plan, wearing a mask on the face, grabbing the necessary equipment and bags for bills, the thieves again go to a dangerous business. Do you already hear the police siren howl?

Kotofay in business or Fun with reluctance

Don KotoKorleone collects cat mafia in the game Meowfia Evolution Endless. Save and grow stray kittens to manage a street gang. Feed the cats with fish, find coins to buy the necessary things for them and do not let the dogs enter your territory.
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Big Kush or "cheater, do not steal"

A gangster from a fruit country is considered a famous bank robber and casino robber. He had long been wanted, and today the police found the thief and began a pursuit. Our hero decided that since running away from the police, it’s worth a ride and collect gold coins on the way. In the game Candy Car Escape you need to help the daring robber to get to a safe place, allowing the thief to earn extra money even at such a dangerous moment. Set traps for cops in the form of spikes, bombs, and other "pleasant surprises." Get away from the pursuit of convoluted streets, rushing in your stolen car to meet exciting adventures!
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“Lazy” robbery or “How to steal a diamond”

Professional burglar from the game Lazy Robber is going to steal a pink diamond. But suddenly he was too lazy to carry out his thoughtful plan. The lazy thief managed to get into the vault, but now he has to make some efforts to collect the jewel. It didn't go according to plan and now you need to help the robber pick up the valuable loot as soon as possible. The gangster cannot budge and is waiting for the gem to fall on his head, and with it a handful of gold stars will arrive. You will have to be smart and help out a careless robber to make your treasure your own.
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