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Poisoned apple. A selection of games dedicated to Snow White.

The developers of online games were inspired by the story of Snow White, who had to flee from the wrath of the evil stepmother, and created a huge number of applications for every taste. They will acquaint you with merry dwarves living in a forest hut, an old king, not even suspecting the wiles of his wife, and a handsome prince who is destined to save Snow White from eternal sleep. You will be able to decorate interesting drawings with images of your favorite characters, come up with stylish images to go to the ball, collect puzzles, and solve challenging puzzles. Help the girl to get out of the gnomes house, find the lost objects, and avoid the traps that the evil witch set up at every turn. You will not be bored for sure, so rather choose the game and embark on incredible adventures!

Princess Matchory Accessories

In this game you need to choose the images for three beautiful princesses - Sophia, Snow White, and Amber. Accessories that are missing are indicated in black. Find the objects matching the silhouette at the bottom of the screen, and click on them with the mouse. For each correct choice a certain amount of points will be credited to the game account. For the wrong one, on the contrary. Do not rush, and think carefully about your next steps so that the princesses have the perfect image.

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Snow White: Patchwork Dress (Snow White Patchwork)

There are no servants in the forest house of the dwarves, so Snow White has to do all the dirty work. She woke up early in the morning to do household chores, and then go to the woods for apples for a pie. The path was not easy, I even had to wade through the thorny bushes, and when she came home she found that the dress had turned into tatters. It was her only clothes, and now it is necessary to sew a new one from the shreds of fabric found in the house. Select the style of the future dress, and then combine the top and bottom by combining the styles. Make sure the outfit looks harmonious, and does not look like a motley blanket. Try to get Snow White to sew a beautiful dress, and the dwarves will be surprised when they return home.

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Pregnant Snow White (Snow White Pregnancy)

Every day, Snow White will become a young mother. She decided to prepare for this important event, and pick up clothes for the baby. Go to the wardrobe, where there is a huge selection of clothes. Just click on your favorite outfit, and he will immediately go to the basket. After that, proceed to the selection of dresses for the most Snow White. Remember that it should be as convenient as possible, because in it the girl will go to the doctor’s appointment.

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