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Purrs and scratches: the best games about cats

Seals systematically conquered the love of man since ancient times. In ancient Egypt, they were worshiped and built sculptures, during the time of chivalry, European monarchs posed for portraits with pets, Muslims have long allowed cats to go to mosques, and modern people are ready to sacrifice their own comfort, without getting up from their knees. Dexterous, energetic and sweet Fuzzies will meet players in the virtual world, where they have prepared a lot of unforgettable entertainment. Usato-striped friends are already waiting for you!

Who said meow?

Seals love fun games, so the characters Kitty Quiz invite you to participate in a quiz. Guess the breeds of cats and their carnival images to go further. You will meet kittens who decided to play pirates, nurses, clowns, ninjas, firefighters, scientists, policemen, cowboys and Zorro. Ready to choose the right answer?
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A cat that walked by itself

Kitty loves walking on the roofs in the fresh air, but not always such promenades end safely. Our heroine from the game Kitty Mission Accident Er had an accident, and she was in the hospital. You have to take on the role of emergency room doctor. Perform a primary examination, diagnose and proceed with treatment using a series of procedures to help Kitty recover from the injury and put her on her feet. Become the best doctor for a fluffy patient!
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"Like a cat with a dog!" Or the incredible adventures of a domestic cat

A brave cat from the game Amazing Cat every day protects its home from rodent enemies and dangerous dogs. As soon as the door closes behind the owners, their furry pet begins a secret life. Cat superhero will help the owners rid the house of pests and to their return there will be comfort here.
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Cat Trap or Big Cat Escape

Multi-colored cats from the magical land of the Mewtrix game fell into the trap set by an evil sorcerer. Colorful Fuzzies will not be able to get out on their own, so they need your help. Help the kittens to get out of the confined space by connecting the animals of the same color. Ready to save all the cute Fuzzies? May the power of the rainbow come with you!
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