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Residents of flower valleys. Incredible Fairy Games

Thanks to online fairy games, you will learn a lot about these magical creatures. Each fairy owns a certain kind of magic, and uses it to help nature. Each fairy will reveal to you her talent and teach you something new. Fairy Ding-Ding will show how to fix broken things and electrical appliances. With Fauna and Rosetta, you will take care of flowers and plants, prepare food supplies for animals for the winter. You can visit beauty salons, do makeup, and dress up in interesting and colorful clothes along with these mischievous girls. All games are so exciting that you definitely will not be bored in the company of fairies who are looking forward to you!

Fairy make up

Even fairies sometimes have to use the services of a beautician to look beautiful. One morning, the fairy looked at herself in the mirror, and was horrified. Her face was covered with acne, and her eyebrows covered half of the face. You should immediately come to her aid to correct the situation. Apply on face cleansing masks and peels, pull out, and paint the eyebrows. After that, you can do the hair, and make a radically new haircut and styling. The end result will simply amaze you, For now the fairy looks one hundred percent, and her face shines with health and beauty.
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Fairy house cleaning

Fairy Anna lives in a small cozy apartment. Today, her friends should come to her, so you need to do a little cleaning. The screen will show a room with scattered things. Collect them, and lay in their places. Some things need to be thrown away, so you should stock up with a garbage bag. After that, it will only be necessary to wipe off the dust and water the flowers, and the room will be ready to receive guests.
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Fairytale fairies

Thanks to this game you will go to the fairy kingdom of fairies. Today the coronation ceremony will be held here, and two court fairies are also invited to this celebration. Your task is to help them look simply irresistible. Use cosmetics placed on the side panel, apply makeup on your face. After that, make them a stylish styling, and pick the right outfits. Finish off with shoes and accessories, and the girls will be ready to go to the ball.
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