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Run Forrest Run. A selection of online games in which you want to run

In the virtual world, you can move any. even the most unrealistic ways. Some games offer to overcome huge distances with the help of running. You can manage your favorite cartoon characters, comic characters, or simply drawn by people. It does not matter who you will manage, the main thing is to try to develop maximum speed, and not to stumble along the road. Some games provide complete freedom of action, and this means that you can control the character as you like. You can help the heroes to survive during a deadly race, and get adrenaline rush, or relax and have fun collecting candy in the magical world of sweets. These games are particularly dynamic and driving atmosphere, and just will not let you get bored. Rather, choose a game, and come off in full!

Super speed runner

In this game you will help a neon square to find friends in the world of geometric figures. The hero will slide over the surface at an ever-increasing speed. After some time, an abyss will appear on its way with stone slabs that are located at a certain distance from each other. When a character runs up to the edge of one plate, click the mouse to make a jump and land on the next plate. It seems that this is not so difficult, but the speed of movement will constantly increase, so you should not lose vigilance for a minute.
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Crazy Runner

The daredevil guy decided to run along a busy highway, where various vehicles constantly travel. You have to protect him from injuries and fractures. To do this, click the mouse so that he has time to jump over obstacles in his path. In addition to cars on the road, you will encounter other life-threatening objects, but be especially careful of explosives, as only by approaching the hero can die. Collect gold coins to get more points at your own expense, and set a record.
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Runner in the Tomb (Tomb runner)

In this game you will get acquainted with a treasure hunter, who recently came into the hands of an ancient map of an ancient tomb. It indicates where hidden untold wealth, and our hero decides to go after them. The road took a lot of time, and as soon as the hero got inside, the secret mechanism closed the tomb, and the walls began to crumble. Now there is no time to think about gold, you need to save your life as soon as possible. There is only one road on which you can get out. It is necessary to run quickly, otherwise it may soon fall asleep with stones. On the way, try to collect as many gems as possible to get points to your bonus account. You will need a quick reaction, because if the hero stumbles and falls, you will have to start the game again.
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