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School time: games, the heroes of which are immersed in a bright school life

That began school days in the virtual world. Pupils are in a hurry for lessons to get new knowledge, meet friends and have a fun time. School years will be remembered as one of the brightest periods of life, so you have to help the characters of the games not only successfully “gnaw the granite of science”, but also collect pleasant memories. Plunging into an entertaining learning process, the heroes of the next games plan not only to study diligently, but also to do everything possible so that their school time will be fun and unforgettable. Do you want to plunge into active school life?

Style Lessons

In the magical school of Equestria classes will soon begin. The heroines of the game Equestria Girls First Day at School want their first day in high school to go great. Sorceresses are a little worried and can not decide on the school image. Girls need to collect school supplies in a backpack and choose the right outfits from the many options offered. Become a personal fairy schoolgirl stylist to perfectly prepare girls for an important day.
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To school "at full parade"

High school students go to school not only to immerse themselves in the world of science, but also to show off new outfits. Princess Anna wants to choose some stylish images for different school events. An elegant, classic, youth, bold or sporty style will be appropriate for certain events. Open the closet and experiment with styles by combining things together. Help the girl to make a bright make-up and hair styling in the game School Day Preps, after which send the heroine to the classes “at full parade”
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Welcome to school!

For the heroine of the game First Day Of School Preps today will be the first day in high school, and her younger sister is going to go to the second grade. Both schoolgirls want to look stylish. Choose a beautiful heroine outfit for college, so she made a great impression. The student has to take her younger sister to school and give her valuable style tips. Examine the contents of the cabinet, choosing clothes, shoes and accessories for the sisters, so that they feel comfortable and confident.
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