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“Sleight of hand and no fraud”: the most amazing games about professional stuntmen

The art of creating magic ideas illusionists learn for years, because they will not have a second attempt to hit, surprise and delight the audience. Demanding and skeptical viewers are eager to catch the tricksters in deception. In the next games you will be facing an audience and show a performance that will break the squall of applause.

Puzzles of antiquity or "Bread and circuses"

The famous Logic Theater travels with tours to different cities of the virtual world. Many of the numbers reveal the secrets of ancient puzzles, so the audience is delighted with the presentation. In the game Logical Theater Tower of Hanoi, you will become an assistant to the famous illusionist. The magician goes to the scene to the sound of music, and in front of him there is a prop for a number. Help the magician to build the Tower of Hanoi and conquer the audience with a magnificent spectacle.
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Apt talent

The heroes of the game Trick Hoops Challenge love basketball and are able to do incredible ball tricks, throwing it into the basketball net. Soon there will be competitions and your team will become the best basketball players of the city. Ready to show mastery of the ball?
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Player of the Year or Football Stuntman

It became boring for a professional football player from the Kick Trick game to just drive the ball around the football field. He decided to learn a few football tricks and was so carried away that he now shows shows. Today the champ is going to set a record. Thousands of spectators gathered to watch this event. Our hero will fill the ball a huge number of times, using the legs and head. He plans to keep the sports equipment in the air as long as possible. Help the hero enchantingly demonstrate their football skills!
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Tour of the Logic Theater

"Logic Theater" arrived in the city with another view. Viewers who have purchased tickets cannot wait to see an impressive sight. In the game Logical Theater Six Monkeys, the public will be shown a number with intelligent monkeys. You have to take on the role of assistant trainer. Before you will be thumbs and nimble little animals that need to be swapped, building a specific structure. Each move has a logical goal, but the public wants to see the spectacle and get it.
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