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Snow kingdom. Games that take you to Queen Elsa

These games will appeal to all fans of the cartoon “Cold Heart”. The developers have created a huge number of games in various genres, so everyone will definitely find something interesting. You can play snowballs with the snowman Olaf, climb the mountains with Christoph and the deer Sven, search for stars and jewels with Ice Jack. But most importantly, you will help Elsa save her sister Anna, to melt all the ice, and save the world from eternal cold. These games will help you learn good manners, so they will be useful for every young lady. Rather, launch your favorite app, and go to meet the exciting ice adventures!

Elsa Online Dating

Once, Elsa’s friends decided that she hadn’t been on a date for a long time, and suggested she find a boyfriend on the Internet to go on a blind date. The girl is not sure that she will cope with this task, so she will not refuse any help. First, choose the guy who suits her best. The following is a little chat to find out his interests and hobbies. Finally, when the guy is ready to go on a date, find the right look for the girl. Try to make their meeting perfect, and Elsa was pleased with the time spent.

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Perfect offer for Elsa (Perfect Proposal Elsa)

Jack really wants Elsa to marry him, and decides to make her an offer. Today he arranged for her to meet in the most expensive restaurant in the city in order to carry out his idea. Everything should be perfect, so you need to think through even the smallest details. Help Jack to choose a suit in which he will look elegant and stylish. Finish the image with a tie to match, and make a fashionable styling so that the guy feels confident. Do your best to make the evening a success, and Elsa reciprocates.

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Elsa Stomach Virus (Elsa Stomach Virus)

The ice queen Elsa lost her appetite, and her stomach was constantly aching. She was seriously scared, and decided to call the doctor to find out the cause of the ailment. It turned out that her stomach was just teeming with parasites, and an urgent operation was necessary. Arm yourself with a scalpel, and follow the on-screen instructions clearly to get it right. Upon completion, stitch the wound, and treat it with a special antiseptic. Now you just need to comply with bed rest, and the girl will quickly go on the mend.

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