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Straight from the wizarding world. The most fabulous games about unicorns

All girls love unicorns. This mythical creature symbolizes strength, wisdom, magic. Pure and inviolable unicorn becomes the protagonist of books, fairy tales, animated series. Each fashionable girl dreams of a toy-unicorn or clothes with his image. Therefore, there is nothing strange in the fact that the publishers of browser games, trying to create the most popular game, also use the image of this hero. If you adore unicorns and consider them your talisman, by all means choose the games that will take you to the magic world. We have selected for you the most colorful browsers about these creatures that will definitely not let you get bored


This bright creator will help you create your own unicorn. We can confidently say that this game is the dream of every girl who adores fabulous animals. Pick up the color of the animal, eyes, smile, do his hair and choose a tail, put on various ornaments and make-up. Do not forget about the main attribute of the unicorn - the horn! In general, fantasize and create. You must do everything to make the unicorn look unique and excellent!
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Flappy unicorn

Flappy unicorn - variation of the game about the flying bird Flappy bird. This time you will float between the clouds on a pink unicorn. Try to hold out as far as possible, skillfully flying around the crystal pillars. Immediately we warn you, the game has skill-dependent gameplay and it's not easy to go through it. Practice flying a funny unicorn and hone your skills this way. Perhaps then you will be able to complete this game!
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Unicorn kingdom

Adventure arcade about a cute pink unicorn, which is trying to collect bonuses as possible on the way to the finish line. Run, hover in the air, but try to avoid long flights, because they tire the main character too much and take away his power. Beware of the dragon, which will haunt you, because it can turn into a unicorn dust. This game will definitely not leave indifferent those who love bright games with a fabulous storyline and cartoon graphics.
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Unicorn diamonds

Another fun game on unicorns. Do you like to play crystals in bejeweled games? Then try some fun at Unicorn diamonds. This game is framed in a gentle girlish tone and has a pleasant unobtrusive voice acting. In it you have to break the same elements. Try to find where more than three identical crystals are located and destroy them. Use all sorts of bonuses and collect as many points as possible!
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