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Striving upward. Addictive online games about birds

Recently, games about birds have become very popular on the Internet thanks to the legendary epic dedicated to the Evil Birds. Now the developers have stepped very far, and have come up with an incredible number of games about birds. You can control the birds that go on a journey, or just relax, enjoying the quiet singing of the nightingale. You can even help them to migrate, starting the path alone, and gradually picking up fellow travelers. These games will help you to brighten up boring everyday life, and how to have fun. All of them have incredibly colorful graphics and fairly simple controls, so like both adults and children. Rather, choose entertainment for the soul, and plunge into the world of exciting adventures.

Flying Bird (Squary Bird)

Today you will help the little chick to master the skills of flight. He will need to fly a certain route, and try not to fall. It does not sound difficult, but on the way there will always come across various obstacles that need to be overcome. To keep the chick on the fly constantly click on the screen, and then he will flap his wings. Do not allow him to fall to the ground, or hit a barrier, otherwise you will have to start the game again.

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Bird's Drop (Birdy Drop)

The chicks decided that they were old enough to learn how to fly and tried to get out of the nest. However, their wings are too weak, and they can stay on the fly only with your help. They will be directly above the water, and in order for them not to drown, you will need to choose a boat of the appropriate color for them. Click the bird to hold it in the air, and substitute the boat. With each minute the game will accelerate, so there will not be much time to think about our actions. Do your best to let the chicks learn how to fly!

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Chubby Birds

The protagonist of this game is a little chick who loves to eat very much, and because of this it is very difficult for him to fly. But today he needs to fly to visit his friends, and you have to help him with this difficult task. To keep it on the fly you need to constantly click on the screen. He will flap his wings, and fly forward. It would seem that there is nothing difficult, but obstacles will constantly arise on the way that will have to be overcome. Do everything so that he does not collide with him, otherwise you will have to start the game again.

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