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Struck by the arrow of Cupid. A selection of online games about love.

Games about love are popular among girls of all ages, because they provide an opportunity to practice communication with the opposite sex, and learn more about this bright and beautiful feeling. You will learn how to flirt so as to interest your partner, while not going beyond the bounds of decency. You will help the main characters pick up clothes and accessories for the first date, do makeup and hair. There are also games in which it is necessary to build the communication of the characters from the very beginning, to conduct a dialogue in such a way as not to offend, and not to hurt the interlocutor. The developers have created a huge number of applications dedicated to this topic, so everyone will definitely find something interesting.

Movie Lovers: Hidden Kiss (Cinema Lovers)

Brad and Martha decided to spend time together, and go to the movies. Of course, there will not do without kisses, but if they fall, they will receive a huge penalty. Click on the screen with the mouse so that the characters can kiss. However, one should not forget to watch the guard, who will periodically pass by, and cinema visitors. If someone notices a kissing couple, they will have to go to the police station, and the game will be over. Calculate your further actions, so as not to get caught, and successfully complete the level.

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Romantic Issue (Romantic Date Issues)

Two girls are in love with one guy, and to solve this problem, they decide to arrange a date on which he can choose one of them. You have to help the beautiful mermaid Anna to do everything to ensure that the choice rests on her. Decorate the tail with various shells and gems so that it shines in the sun with all the colors of the rainbow. Pick a bodice to match the look of a harmonious and stylish look. Do your best to make the girl defeat you in this difficult competition.

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Blind Date Draculaura (Draculaura's Blind Date)

Draculaura liked two guys, but she had to choose who she would go on a date with. To help the girl decide what qualities she would like to see in her partner should be noted. The girl until the last will not know with whom she will meet, so you need to be ready for anything. Help her choose the outfit and jewelry to feel confident and stylish.

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