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Survival instructions during a zombie apocalypse: a game where you need to stay alive

There are many ways to become a zombie. To do this, you can touch a radioactive object, inhale alien dust, fall under the meteor shower, become a victim of laboratory tests or tests of chemical weapons, be in the epicenter of a mystical cataclysm, or be bitten by a walking dead man. If you are not tempted by the prospect of becoming green, clumsy and dead, then it’s time to reload your bow, revolver or shotgun!

How to tame a zombie cat

Primitive hero Adam finds himself in the modern world, where the zombie apocalypse began. In ADAM AND EVE ZOMBIES, zombie cats walk around the city, take a bath, watch TV and exterminate the survivors. You will have to get rid of dead cats and create obstacles for them. Primitive man will be able to ride in a car and a tractor. And in the final you will find a surprise. Will you see a primitive zombie?
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Report: Apocalypse

The hero of the game GARAGE APOCALYPSE is reporting from the epicenter of the zombie apocalypse. He managed to barricade himself in the garage and survived, but for how long? The dead people turned into zombies and are now aggressively asking for a visit. Help the hero repair the car, strengthen the windows and doors, and also shoot yourself as an obsessive walking dead. An event report promises to be exciting and dangerous.
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Return of the Living Dead

Crowds of animated monsters intend to turn all people into themselves. In the game BATTLE SURVIVAL ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE you have to walk through many locations and save the survivors. But do not let the zombies close to you!
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Walk with the dead

The abandoned metropolis lies in ruins, and the walking dead walk along its streets. The hero of the game SNIPER 3D CITY APOCALYPSE was among the surviving lucky ones who hide from zombies behind high walls. You are one of the warriors who protect the shelter of living people from zombies. With the help of a sniper rifle, you need to defeat the enemies and show them who is the boss in the city.
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Apocalypse starts in the dungeon

People are frightened that hordes of the living dead have settled near the city. The brave hero of the game ZOMBIE DUNGEON CHALLENGE descends into gloomy dungeons to engage in a bloody battle with zombies. Be extremely attentive and accurate to cope with the hordes of the undead. You will have to hold out as long as possible, because nowhere to retreat!
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