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"Tales from the Crypt" or "Day of the Open Graves": games about monsters who are going to "drink your blood"

Today, the open day at the cemetery and the living dead are going to spend this time actively. All fanged, toothy, pale, nightmarish and risen from the dead creatures are planning to have fun. Bloodthirsty vampires, werewolves, zombies and other vermin are selected from the crypts in the next selection of games. Monsters are going to lead an active social life, go in for sports, go to a cafe, celebrate holidays and of course eat a couple of passers-by. In these games you will be on the side of bloodsuckers who can be fun. You can try on the role of a mystical creature and immerse yourself in a mysterious atmosphere. Sounds good? Then choose the game to taste and go to the gloomy world!

"Interview with a Vampire" or "Horror, flying on the wings of the night"

Dark Lord Dracula woke up in a crypt and felt hungry. In DRACULA QUEST RUN FOR BLOOD, you have to help the vampire count quench your thirst for blood. The king of the night appeared straight from the legends when an ominous month appeared in the sky. From the mysterious Transylvania, he arrives in the city, where the hero is waiting for a race over the rooftops. Now you need to help the ancient earl cope with the werewolves, the eternal enemies of the vampires, with the help of the dark magic of the blood. Get to the chosen people in order to bite them in the neck and turn them into like. Gather an army of darkness to the twilight prince was not lonely!
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Club for the Dead

Zombies are tired of hunting people, and they gave themselves a day off. In the game TUG OF WAR ZOMBIE, the walking dead love to spend time at an interest club, where unusual entertainment events take place. Today they organized a rope pulling competition. In each of the two teams of four zombies, and in the center is a rotating blade. Help the living dead not to fall apart!
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Monster named Flippi

From another planet to Earth, a monster landed, whose spaceship crashed. Flippy made an emergency landing, but his spaceship was left without some details. In the game FLIPPY MONSTER you need to find all parts of the UFO and discover new abilities in our hero. Teach the monster the art of flying!
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