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Tanks are not afraid of dirt! And bikes? The most original locations for racing motorcycles

The roadside turns into a kaleidoscope of lights, the whistling of the wind drowns out the sounds, there is a surge of adrenaline in the blood, and the driver experiences an intoxicating sense of freedom. All these feelings are known to those who “tamed” a two-wheeled “iron horse”. Performing extreme tricks, try to stay “in the saddle.” If the thirst for speed does not give you peace of mind, and powerful virtual racing motorcycles cause delight, the dangerous tracks of the next games are already waiting for you! Get maximum speed!

Neon Racing

Impressive stunts and crazy flips will look even more impressive if you perform them on a bike in the neon world of the game NEON BIKER. Radiant steep ascents, abrupt descents and sudden turns ahead. Luminous trail promises to be endless!
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Painted biker

Welcome to the wonderful world of Stikmen, where the deserts of Mexico, the Egyptian pyramids, green fields with flowering dandelions and abyss with thorns mixed together. In SUPER STICKMAN BIKER, challenging tracks await you against amazing landscapes. Stickman can't wait to try out his powerful new bike. Hold yourself "in the saddle" tight!
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Paper racing

Crazy stunts, dangerous jumps and incredible backflips in LINE BIKER are drawn on paper. But the race will not make it any easier! You are waiting for unusual competitions on motorcycles, which came up with a talented artist. Do not forget to keep balance!
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Beach racing

The sea coast can be considered as one of the most unacceptable tracks for auto racing, because here you need to swim and sunbathe, and not drive bikes. But the hero of the game MOTO X3M BIKE RACE GAME has the opposite opinion. He is not afraid of off-road and sandy roads, and seascapes as a background will be an additional bonus for the rider. Wear a helmet and go!
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Motorcycle Racing Site

Imagine you are looking for the most extreme bike race track. In the game MOTO XTREME CS, this is the construction site. Beams, building boards and dips are ideal for motorcycle stunt. Your task is to become the best racer! Start the engine and enjoy the amazing race!
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Moto champion title

Participants in motor sport competitions are already waiting for the start and present themselves on the winner's podium with a trophy in their hands. In the game X TRIAL RACING you become one of the participants in sports. A trail with jumps awaits you, where you will be able to make fantastic somersaults in the air, ride on the rear wheel and successfully land. Ride your "iron horse" and go to the finish!
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