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"The Legend of Ice and Flame": a game where you become a participant in the adventure of two elements

The aquatic girl and the Fiery Boy prefer to act in pairs, joining forces in their travels and the study of temple complexes. The elements will not be able to cope with the tasks and overcome the traps alone, because the Watergirl cannot come into contact with the fire, which is able to melt our water heroine. A Fireboy cannot touch water that extinguishes a fiery character. Travelers collect gems not for the sake of wealth, but to get a new magic element. In the following games you will be able to control the characters at the same time to overcome dangerous obstacles. Thanks to mutual assistance, our "spontaneous" heroes will become invincible!

Ice and flame in the crystal temple

The heroes of the game Fireboy and Watergirl 4 Crystal Temple, moving through the measurement portal, found themselves in the Temple of Crystals, where they will collect power crystals. The crystal temple is filled with traps and dangers, so you need to lead the heroes of the water and fire elements through puddles and lakes of lava. Open mysterious portals and immerse yourself in an amazing puzzle!
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To meet with the fate of the ice temple!

The brave heroes of the game Fireboy and Watergirl 3: The Ice Temple are ready for many trials to collect as many diamonds for their magical explorations. The ice temple is fraught with danger for the Fiery Boy and the Water Girl, but if the heroes go hand in hand, a way out will be found very soon. Perform a mission in a team, helping each other to move along a dangerous route. Ready to control the elements?
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Friendly trip to the Temple of Light

The researchers, endowed with the power of elements, found themselves in the legendary Light Temple. In Fireboy and Watergirl 2: The Light Temple, fire and water collect ancient artifacts by entering the temple complex. In the ancient corridors hidden cunning traps that hide valuables. Our heroes are in too much of a hurry to the goal, so they forget that the Watergirl should not touch lava, and the Fireboy cannot touch the water. Control two characters simultaneously, avoiding contact with traps. Create a safe route, and the temple light will tell you the way out!
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