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The pixel world is waiting for you: the most square heroes of online games

Pixel worlds beckon players from around the world, inviting you to an exciting square adventure. Simple and intuitive gameplay, colorful locations and exciting tasks await you in the next games. Exploring the pixel world, you can discover endless possibilities. Ready to meet the square characters of the gaming universe?

Miracles create love

A funny panda from the game Panda Love was separated from his lover. Pixel hero goes in search of his lady's heart. The evil sorcerer hid the panda girl in the zoo of the protected fortress, but our brave hero will rescue the prisoner. Passing through spikes, flying platforms and other dangerous traps, the panda will dive into the portals and overcome different locations, collecting gems that open the entrance. Our hero does not fail his dangerous mission, because his passion is waiting for a savior.
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Last square hero

In the Pixel Battle Royale game, everyone is fighting against everyone. You will find yourself on the pixel battlefield, where the warrior will have to fight with other players. Bright locations will become a battlefield where you need to navigate the map, jump with a parachute, collect trophies, find effective weapons and fight with opponents. Let the battle begin!
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Ninja Manuscript

Once in the world of Kung Fu, a brave hero must fight with many opponents and defeat the main boss. In the game Kung Fu Fight: Beat 'Em Up you will go on an adventure in the world of martial arts to become the fastest and most skilled kung fu master. Defeat the thugs using combat techniques, melee weapons and the power of dragon magic in the form of a combo attack.
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"Battle of the Angel with the Dragon"

In the magical kingdom, a massive battle is brewing. The kingdom of the game Blocky Fantasy Battle Simulator is in danger, because the necromancer dragon collects hordes of evil ghosts, skeletons, golems and other horrific monsters. Battles will unfold in the most colorful locations of the fantastic kingdom. The king appoints you commander in chief, so you have to assemble a detachment opposing the army of terrible creatures. Destroy the enemy army, collect trophies and show the enemies who is the owner of these lands and the lord of the pixel world. Ready to take part in an epic battle?
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